1. Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Byron Olson and Orchestra
  2. All Blues – Byron Olson, Trumpet Soloist  Lew Soloff  “Sketches of Miles”
  3. Giant Steps – Byron Olson, Soloist Joe Lovano “Sketches of Coltrane”
  4. Me and My Shadow – Linda Eder “All By Myself”
  5. Judy Garland Overture – Byron Olson and Orchestra
  6. Do You Hear What I Hear? – Byron Olson “A Christmas Celebration”
  7. Afro Blue – Byron Olson, Soprano Soloist Bob Mintzer “Sketches of Coltrane”
  8. My Favorite Things – Byron Olson, Soprano Soloist Bob Mintzer “Sketches of Coltrane”
  9. Sunrise At Big Sur – Byron Olson “Digital Chartbusters”
  10. Spanish Suite – Byron Olson “Sketches of Miles”
  11. Midnight at Marrakesh – Byron Olson “Digital Broadway”
  12. Horn O’Plenty – Byron Olson, Soprano Soloist Mike Migliore “Digital Chartbusters”
  13. Lush Life – Johnny Mathis “In a Sentimental Mood”
  14. Cielo Turchino – Joe Lovano “Viva Caruso”
  15. Coventry Carol – American Boychoir “Carol”
  16. It Never Was You – Linda Eder “All By Myself”
  17. Bon Soir – Placido Domingo “Goya”
  18. Gerhwiniana – Byron Olson and Orchestra *
  19. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child – Tonia Tecce “Smile”
  20. Honky Cat – Canadian Brass ” Champion”
  21. Nardis – Byron Olson, Trumpet Soloist Randy Brecker “Sketches of Miles”
  22. Farewell – Byron Olson, Trumpet Soloist Greg Gisbert  “Sketches of Miles” *

* Composed by Byron Olson

All Arrangements and Orchestrations by Byron Olson